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Order of the Stick: Game - Sticky Shticks
Price: $6.00

An Ookodook exclusive!

This 20-card mini-expansion for the Order of the Stick Adventure Game features 12 new shticks to expand each characters' options, 7 new monsters to fight, and a new Screw This! card—all centered around the very odd theme of things sticking to other things. This set was originally produced for the record-breaking Order of the Stick Reprint Drive, and is only available here because we have leftovers. Get your set before we run out forever! (Requires the Order of the Stick Adventure Game Deluxe Edition to play, which we conveniently also sell here.)
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The order of the stick Dec 2, 2012 michael taylor id US
  Fun Fun Fun for any RPGer with a funnybone. At times the aggravation level amongst players can be high but just until the next screw this card (which means... more...

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