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Order of the Stick: Book -1 - Start of Darkness
Price: $16.95

The Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness is the second all-new, print-exclusive volume in the popular Order of the Stick collection of comedic fantasy roleplaying game comics. The companion volume to our best-selling On the Origin of PCs, this book delves back into the past to explore the genesis of the Order of the Stick's archnemesis, Xykon the lich sorcerer. Learn how Xykon became a lich, how he met Redcloak the goblin cleric and the mysterious Monster in the Darkness, and how he totally killed Roy's dad's master, like right in front of him. Ouch.

Stop! Bulleted list time!

  • 112 pages of brand new, never-seen-before comedy that fans of the OOTS comic can't read anywhere else.
  • Black and white, but with a special 16-page full-color insert telling the Secret Lore of the Crimson Mantle - in crayon format!
  • Preface by Miko Miyazaki, paladin.
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    Global Rating: 5.00 from 5 reviews

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    Pure epic! Sep 14, 2013 Michael Andersen Herlev DK
      This book is a must for any OotS fan. It tells the gruesome background story of Redcloak. One of the best comics from The Giant. Guaranteed to make you both... more...
    Diabolically Funny! Aug 28, 2011 Eddie G. Singapore SG
      A must-have for every OOTS fan. While it may be deemed as a "supplement" to Burlew's webcomic, the story on how Xykon, Redcloak and the Monster came together... more...
    Good Buy Mar 22, 2011 Anonymous Ca
      Though you may initially be disappointed by the black and white color scheme, the disappointment quickly fades as you become engrossed in the artistically... more...
    What can I say... Oct 20, 2009 Anna Rohwedder BR
      Simply fantastic. Contains a lot of history while keeping the good humour and OOtS style jokes, even with a more serious theme. It's about villains, after... more...
    A second Must buy Oct 20, 2009 Anonymous
      The two prequel-books (this and "On the Origins on PCs") are a must have for every OotS-fan. The story is very well depicted though this volume is a bit less... more...

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