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Sell Your Products

Do you publish (or self-publish) an independent book, comic book, board game, roleplaying game, or related product? You do? Perfect. We just happen to sell exactly that sort of thing. In fact, we're actively looking for small press products that can't find their place in traditional retail channels but may perform well when exposed to the right audience (which we already sort of have).

We also handle products that come with their own audience attached, but whose creators are looking for for more exposure—or are just tired of boxing up and shipping every order themselves. Let Ookoodook handle the order-taking, warehousing, and shipping of your independent product with our experienced staff while you collect a monthly check. Indie sales have never been easier.

If you think your product would look great displayed alongside our existing clients, email us at sellyourstuffhere@ookoodook.com for detailed information about our non-exclusive sale-by-commission program. Include a few sentences about who you are and what you're looking to sell if you can, so we can be sure to give you the most helpful response possible.

Note: At this time, please do not send us ideas for products; only products that have been printed (or will be printed in the near future) by you or your company are eligible.

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