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APE: Game - The Shortening Order of the Stick Adventure Game Expansion
Price: $14.95

An Ookoodook Exclusive!

Get the fun over with!
Ever find yourself with a compelling urge to thwart an evil undead sorcerer, but you need to be somewhere in an hour or two? Worry not, for The Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Shortening is here! Get all the thrills of diving into a dungeon with your favorite stick figure adventurers in a fraction of the playing time, because YOU demanded it! (Well, some of you asked politely for it. But still.) In this expansion pack for the original Dungeon of Dorukan set, you'll find new rules and cards to give your games a faster pace, while competing to explore your character's tragic Backstory. But watch out—if you don't get to Xykon soon enough, he may come looking for you!

NOTE: This is not a full game! You need the original set, The Order of the Stick Adventure Game: Dungeon of Dorukan to use this expansion pack (the original black/green game). Don't have it? Order the Deluxe Edition the new Deluxe Edition and which includes the original game PLUS The Shortening expansion.

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Global Rating: 4.50 from 2 reviews

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Great! Sep 16, 2011 Talyn TN US
  I have not got to play yet due to my set being in another state and the expansion being here. The set looks well made yet again, so it should be awesome.... more...
Screenshots or Video previews Jun 18, 2011 Anonymous Coward Greater Vancouver Br CA
  5 stars because OOTS is awesome! Will there be screenshots or video previews for this game? I always like to see products in action before I buy. Thanks! more...

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