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APE: Game - Order of the Stick Adventure Game Deluxe Edition
Price: $54.95

Why just read about foolish and incompetent adventurers when you can be one yourself? Dive head first into the world of the inexplicably popular fantasy gaming webcomic. Take on the role of one of the six daring adventurers as you explore each room of the mysterious Dungeon of Dorukan in this hilarious satire of the fantasy genre. But beware, for the evil undead sorceror Xykon awaits you at the bottom of the dungeon, and he has nothing better to do than focus on wiping the floor with your sorry butt.

Visit apegames.com for more information on the Order of the Stick Adventure Game, including downloadable rules and sample cards.

This brand-new printing of the game includes the all-new 152-card expansion pack—The Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Shortening—that lets you play the game leaner, meaner, and faster than ever before. Already have the original Adventure Game? You can buy just the expansion here.

For 2-6 players
Ages 12+
90 minutes plus

Includes over 650 full-color cards!

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OOTS Board Game May 2, 2012 Mark Miller Amsterdam NH NL
  Rocks a dozen Cashbas! more...

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