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Order of the Stick: Book 4 - Don't Split the Party
Price: $29.95

Divided by the events of War and XPs, our heroes struggle to reunite in this fourth compilation of the popular online comic, The Order of the Stick! With their leader, ah, indisposed, Haley leads the quest to bring him back from the, uh, the place that he is at. (Hey, some people only read the comic in book form, I don't want to spoil it for them.) Meanwhile, her love Elan contends with new threats at sea, including some direct competition for her man! And how will these problems drive one of the Order's own to take an offer they should have refused? Find out in the exciting continuation of the OOTS story, Don't Split the Party! Here's what the book contains:

  • All of the comics from #485 to #672, inclusive.
  • More than 15 bonus comics, including two all-new deleted scenes: Elan's Underwater Adventure and Get Roy.
  • Ten pages of author commentary which will be horribly misquoted to support the more outlandish fan theories.
  • A special dedication to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, creators of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Preface by Roy Greenhilt.
  • A recap of events-to-date by Belkar Bitterleaf.
  • Printed on 50% recycled paper.

    The next stage of the stick figure action-comedy-drama-fantasy saga is here at last, and it's just waiting for you to add it to your growing collection of fine The Order of the Stick trade paperbacks.

    Author and Illustrator: Rich Burlew
    Format: 272 pages, full color

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    Global Rating: 5.00 from 5 reviews

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    Excellent Book! Jan 2, 2010 Anonymous
      If you are considering buying this book only for the bonus strips and commentary, please buy this immediately. It contains the largest amount of bonus strips... more...
    W00t Dec 25, 2009 Archbishop Lupy Mebane NC US
      As usual, Rich's work is the best in all webcomicdom! Both of the bonus comic adventures were as side splitting as the regular updates. Thank you so much Rich! more...
    Dont Split the comedy! Dec 20, 2009 OOTS Fan #1 Ca US
      ** SPOILER ALERT** I basically loved the comic, Roy's like, "Do this thing!" and everyone else is blah blah to blah Roy's dead blah." It's great to see... more...
    Pre-Release Review Oct 26, 2009 Rich Anderson BIRMINGHAM De UK
      Yes. I know it isn't actually out yet, but the past (almost) 200 strips have been all online and are now waiting to be relived in annotated, expanded glory.... more...
    Estimation Oct 26, 2009 Anonymous
      C'mon like you think it won't be? more...

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