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APE: Game - Rolling Freight
Price: $69.95

Rolling Freight is a game of building rail and shipping routes, and moving cargo across those routes. Each turn players roll custom dice to perform actions such as purchasing route contracts, completing routes, making improvements, and moving cargo.

Winning will require just the right mix of all these elements so hop aboard and roll some freight!

For 2-5 players
90+ minutes
Ages 13+

2-sided oversize game board
30 basic player dice
3 black Extra Resource improvement dice
2 yellow Extra Resource improvement dice
1 blue Extra Resource improvement die
1 gray Extra Resource improvement die
1 red Extra Resource improvement die
114 contract cards
18 improvement cards
3 end-of-phase cards
4 RR Xing markers and stands
1 cargo bag
65 cargo markers
5 player mats
10 wooden locomotive pawns
100 wooden construction cubes
170 die-cut rail sticks
24 die-cut stockpile markers
62 die-cut saturation markers
10 "B" phase markers
10 "C" phase markers

Buy direct from Ookoodook and we'll throw in the Natural Disaster cards for free!
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We Have a Winner! Apr 11, 2012 Ed Holzman Seffner FL US
  Holy frijoles! This game is an absolute blast to play! Tons of player interaction, minimal down time, and engaging game play from start to finish make this... more...

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