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"Paladin" (5/5) Dec 6, 2012 Anonymous
  I wonder if Miko Miyazaki is duplicated on both sides, Good and Evil.

I mean, it makes sense right?

Perhaps more of a "Chaotic Good turned Lawful Evil" or a "Chaotic Neutral" brand, but that makes you question her placement in the poster at all.
looks good the other way around! (5/5) Feb 21, 2012 tony san diego ca US
  Just wanted to toss out there that the posters look fine "reversed" so that the good & evil are facing off against each other.
Very High Quality (5/5) Nov 15, 2010 Andy Reading PA US
  Very nice, tough, crease-resistant material. I've never seen a poster like this before. The printing is pixel-perfect. You'll want to frame these, though, since getting one to stay unrolled hanging on a wall by itself seems unlikely, but that's the price you pay for a poster that will last for years and not get wrecked the first time you try to move it.
OOTS Poster (3/5) Oct 29, 2010 Anonymous
  The print is perfect and the posters are looking amazing.

However, due to the thickness of the paper it's almost impossible to unroll them and keep them flat without creating creases. The only hope is to frame them.
OOTS Poster (4/5) Oct 18, 2010 Scott Schwartz Milwaukee WI US
  Nice heavy weight though due to it's weight mine is all creased up on some of the edges from shipping. Good print quality and ncie to see all of the characters in one place.
Spoilers (5/5) Sep 6, 2010 Patrick Driscoll Las Vegas Ne US
  The Poster looks great from the pic on the site. And I intend to order it right after speaking to my wife. However, it does contain many spoilers. IE certain alignment of certain characters that has yet to be resolved in the story line. So don't look too close at it yet.

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